Artist Statement

Marco Giovanetti was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1978 and moved to Montreal at the age of fifteen. His racial background is multiethnic, he has Italian, Venezuelan and Colombian roots. Giovanetti’s education is multidisciplinary by nature. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University and  a Master in E-Business from ICADE in Spain. Marco is also a professional baker, sommelier and wine writer. At the moment, he is pursuing a Bachelor of Art history with film studies at Concordia University.

Giovanetti’s main practice explores the relationship between wine and life in spheres such as gastronomy and the arts. From 2012 to 2020, he curated the wine sections of lifestyle magazines such as Panoram Italia and The Montreal Times. He is also a wine communicator and a consultant. Wine criticism for Marco Giovanetti is an interdisciplinary approach  that blends wine tasting, personal experiences and science with the fine arts. 

Marco Giovanetti is an avid natural wine supporter. He strongly supports that wine should be produced ethically respecting the environment and the cultural identity of the producer and region. His voice on the subject can be found on his self published wine blog:

You may contact at me at:

Twitter: @WineMarco

Instagram: wineloverforever

Facebook: Marco Giovanetti

Salute!!!., Salud!!!, Cheers!!!

1 thought on “Artist Statement”

  1. Looking forward to read all your posts. It is not easy to find really honest and unbiased expert opinions about wines. Your love for wines will help many to enjoy this passion. Keep the great work.

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