I am a passionate wine lover with an academic and journalistic interest in wine. Some people may say that I am obsesed, others might argue that I am just a hopeless romantic about this godly beverage.

Unlike my main blog, El Meson del Vino, this one will talk my other favorite wines of the world. Besides Spanish wines, I really enjoy Italian and French wines. In Italy, some of my favorite wine regions include all time classics such as Tuscany and Piedmont but these days, I am drinking more and more Sicilian wines. With regards to France, the wines of the Rhone Valley take a special place in my heart. From time to time, I might drink the occasional new world wine from countries such as Chile or Australia but they do not form part in general of my drinking habits.

Since the last 2 years, I have been exploring the universe of natural wines. i find these wines extremely exciting and you will find quite a bit of them in this blog.

Since I live in Quebec, Canada, most of the post that you will find here are for a Quebec audience. What i am trying to say that the producers, wines and importers that i will profile are the ones that are found in this part of the world. From time to time, I will discuss something related to travel or some wine that I have found overseas.

However, this blog is not only about be anymore. I recently enlisted the help of Ana Gallegos. Ana is a top Mexican sommelier living in Quebec and will be writing in French for the Francophone community

I hope that you get satisfaction in reading my posts as i do writing them. So just sit back in your couch with your notebook or laptop with your favorite glass of wine!

You may contact at me at: productionslevin@gmail.com

Twitter: @WineMarco

Instagram: wineloverforever

Facebook: Marco Giovanetti

Salute!!!., Salud!!!, Cheers!!!



1 thought on “About”

  1. Looking forward to read all your posts. It is not easy to find really honest and unbiased expert opinions about wines. Your love for wines will help many to enjoy this passion. Keep the great work.

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