If you are curious enough or better said, having an understanding of your senses, you know that our food rituals are associated with special occasions such as the holidays or specific emotions: happiness or sadness. Food arouses our senses, feeding our emotions are making us story tellers of our emotional experiences.

As an university student, this period is particularly charged even more if you have a daughter and are separated. Add to this, the usual dose of procrastination for other intellectual pursues ( yes, I am aware of my delicious digress) and you have a recipe for a perfect disaster. Basically, this is the season when comfort food taste the best. There is aesthethic beauty in binging on a greasy sandwich or burger, much like Flux art. The performative action of repetitive binge eating is happiness for the senses.

” Do you want mayo in your club sandwich”, the lady behind the vintage kitschy counter told me. Dressed in black sweat pants, I went to visit one of my local food joints in L’assomption, the sleepy little village where I have been living since December 2019. L’Assomption is a beautiful village in the Lanaudiere region of Quebec. It has a mix of rural and artistic traits that are attractive to me. There is the Hector Charlan theater, a beautiful art gallery and a few interesting restaurants. The village does not have the cache for a Montreal hipster but its is the best option for an artsy person like myself.

My fix for the sunday night was a hefty club sandwich rather than the glorious poutine. This place has the reputation for one of the greatest poutines in the eastern part of the province. in fact, even the Quebec prime minister went to eat there. I went more for the sandwich, since I am not a poutine guy.

One of the greatest sandwiches that I have ever eaten. The chicken meat coming from the breast was juicy and not dry like many other renditions elsewhere. The sauce quite delicate with subtle vegetable nuances. The fries, slightly sweet with a crisp exterior and soft texture. This was a fantastic sandwich for a supper intermission when you are studying. I paired this dish while listening to Van Halen in Chom 97.7. My paper on Dali got an inspirational boost.

I highly recommend this place if you happen to be in L’assomption