This is a piece of good news that I have been waiting for a while. Finally, the SAQ formally adds up the category of natural wine to it’s portfolio

An ambitious sale of 50 references online ( today and in a SAQ branches as of next week.

The truth is that some natural wine references has been present at the SAQ for a number of years. This latest addition to the wine category is a step forward to recognize the existence of a niche market

Much of the natural wine trading happens in the private import market. Hopefully with this move the SAQ will attempt to democratize more the availability of natural wines to the general wine consumer

Traditionally, natural wines have been reserved for the flourishing Quebec artsy-hipster restaurant trade. This have created a polarization effect between wine consumers. Despite the rising private trading, there is a gap between the elite and general wine consumer

In a post COVID reality, much of the challenge of selling natural wines will rely on the marketing efforts of the importers, SAQ and the media journalists. A part of the challenge is demistifying natural wine and making it more simple for the general wine public.

Make natural wine more welcoming into Quebec homes. Sadly, the hipsters and the new moneyed young class have appropriated themselves of the category. The enjoyment of natural wine should not be limited to a fancy or pretentious setting. It could be as simple with your roasted chicken weekday meal or in a good conversation with a friend.

It is my general feeling that the Quebec natural wine trade is very arrogant. Of course, with a few exceptions. Importers need to get off from their high chair and stop with the attitude ” I am doing you a favor by selling you these wines”. A humble attitude will serve the natural producers best.

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