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At this point, it is not a mystery for you. I do love wine. As much as I love to taste it, there is no denying, that drinking it gives me the best satisfaction.

Wine is very special for me. It is my daily companion and the soother of my soul. A great bottle has the capacity to lift my spirits or give me a more positive outlook of life when it is needed it.

Every bottle has its own history to tell and each one foster a particular mood. There are wines that encourage happiness, others creativity and even sadness. So, it’s important to be ready to receive the proper attention that your glass gives you

The extension of pleasure of a bottle wine goes beyond a meal. A bottle of wine shines with food but it doesn’t have to end there. Most drinkers do not realize it and sometimes take for granted the precious liquid that we have in front us. Have you though about, how you treat your leftover wine after you finish a meal?. For instance, I used to do something very mundane after having some great wine with food such as watching a movie

What I am trying to say here is do an activity that is worthy of the wine you are having?. Lets say that you are an having a great aged Brunello. Wouldnt be awesome to enjoy the leftover wine contemplating some great works of the Uffizi gallery. Or if art is not your thing, how about reading some poetry of Cesare Pavese. Look for something that would create a rich symbiosys with the wine you are having.

For me wine drinking is very cerebral and at the same times, it gives me a lot of pleasure. I appreciate wine more these days since I am alone and it has become an infatuation along with art and poetry as well.

I will leave you tonight with a great wine from my cellar.

Les Eminades Sortilege Saint-Chinian 2009. The latest vintage 2017 can be bought private imported in Quebec via Agence Boires. ( $38.50+taxes, Six pack case)

Aromas of roasted herbs, olive tapenade with lots of blue fruit and evolved animal nuances. The bouquet is complemented as well by notes of flint and petrol ( asphalt comes to mind). Full body and quite structured. Retronasal flavours bring to mind spicy and umami flavours. Very tight finale. Another 5 years maybe more in the cellar.