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Sometimes wines or grape varieties need a second, third our four chance just like people. This is my personal approach to wine. Each of us is accountable for our opinions and there is no shame in taking back something that we realize that is wrong.

How does this relate to wine you may ask?. I love my wines to be unique and different just like people. To be standard, I despise and to be original I cherish. This mantra is what brought me to love natural wines. Each natural wine is unique and special in its own way. However, you must be ready to be pay attention to their nuances. Sometimes, the answer lies in front of our glass but we must be ready to take it.

However, there is no right or wrong answer. In my utopian state of mind, I would judge a wine depending on the positive or negative vibes it brings me. Examples of a positive vibe would include: Does this wine makes me happy? When i take a sip, does it make me dream of the place where it was made. A negative vibe could be a feeling of repellement or a hint of toxicity. Does this wine makes me want to run away. These are the questions that every night I ask when I open a bottle.

After all, a bottle of wine is a work of art. It is the way a vigneron interpreted a specific piece of land called a vineyard. Sometimes, the vision of the winemaker matches the vision of the drinker so quickly and boom!! you have a cosmic match. There are other times when it needs more reflection or solace. There are no misunderstood wines just misunderstood experiences.

To drink a wine bottle is a highly subjective experience that belongs to each and one of us. Adding up each experience will form the collective memory of a specific wine. When you approach a new wine, you are a spectator of this collective memory and as you drink tit, you become part of the memory. But this only happens if you allow yourself to be part of the experience.

Tasting notes and scores are very superficial. In my experience, they only give you a very limited window viewing of a wine. To really understand the emotions that a wine can bring you must drink the wine. In my mind, I compare the act of wine drinking to the act of lovemaking or going to a museum. It is very important to have closure with your wine. There is drinking for the sake of drinking but also very important is to drink with a purpose.

What is the purpose of drinking or buying this wine?. Nowadays, I am asking myself the purpose of doing everything including the act of wine drinking. I really want to stop the old pattern of walking the corridors of life with no purpose.

Enough of the talk and lets get down to some amazing soulfoul wines

Three highly emotional wines:

Axina e Ixinan Gianfranco Manca Panevino

On the nose, this wine brings to mind sweat and with time the finest barnyard aromas. With time, there is an explosion of black fruit and other je ne suis quoi nuances. A good emotional wine in so many levels. Beautiful acidity. A touch of volatile to keeps things interesting. This wine has an incredible wavelenght. A lovely red peach finale. Emotional feeling:I compare this wine to the state of falling in love but in a tiny version.

Vini Scirto Culonna. Terre Siciliane 2016

Spicy and quite sanguine wine. Very mineral with lots of dry flower character. On the palate, this wine has great precision and lenght. It is quite refined with flavours of cocoa and menthol. A very beautiful finale that brings a panoply of flavours that reminds me of cherry marmalade, funghi porcini and earthy dry tomato notes. Emotional feeling: Discovering the soft inner core of a person that is rough on the outside.

Domaine Ledogar Les Brunelles Cinsault 2018 Vin de France

Highly aromatic wine. It reminds me of wild thyme and oregano complemented by nuances of potted earth. On the palate, it is quite earthy with a bit of rugged tannins. A bit of a rebel wine but it is so lovely. Very sympathetic. Emotional feeling: A perfect day with your best friend.