Humm…Nebbiolo is not a grape that I usually associate with the summer season. It feels more at home from the fall to the winter. When i think of a Neb based wine, images of chilly fall evenings with beef roasts and luscious pastas come to mind..In a million years, i never you could have Nebbiolo for summer, especially by the side of the pool. It doesn’t fit into the laid-back estivale category.

Well..thats the beauty of wine. It sometimes makes you think outside the box. When I saw a ( girl) in the Vin dans Le Voiles website posing with a bottle of Rosso di Valtellina, it set an alarm in my mind.

Meet the Dirupi Ole bottle cuddling along the model from The Vin Dans Le Voiles.A boutique producer in the Valtellina, the northern most wine producing region of Lombardy in Italy. This is a beautiful and extreme wine making region with freezing temperatures in the vineyards in the winter followed by very hot summers with a light exposure similar to that in Sicily due to the steep aspect of their south facing vineyards.

The Dirupi winery is named after the steepness of their 4.5 hectares of vineyards. The yields and total production is very low, comprising only four labels and a overall production of closely 15000 bottles a year. Note that this is 100% exclusively artisanal winemaking. Davide Fasolini and Pierpaolo di Franco work the most natural way in the vineyard and cellar although not classified as organic wine makers.

The region’s location in northern Lombardy on the Italian/Swiss border produces a different style wine from this normally tannic grape. Higher altitude (approximately 2,220 feet), cooler climate and distinctive soil types (Sandstone and silt in the case of the Olé) deposited by glaciers over the years produce a less tannic, high-toned version of Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca in the Valtellinese dialect).

This is a delicious and fun wine packed with very savoury notes of red fruits, herbs and lots of yummy flower undertones. On the palate, very fresh and floral with notes of spices, strawberry pie filling and just slightly tannic.And yes….I completely understand why you would want to have this wine by the pool. It is just so fresh and mouthwatering.

It is available by the case via Le Vin dans Le Voiles ( $43.15. Six pack case)