These days we really have to be creative in the kitchen. The possibility of going out to eat has faded away and it represents a risk to be gastronomically bored. Of course, there is always the take out option but can you really put  a fine dining experience in a few boxes?. Montreal’s restaurants are set to be reopen on June 22th and who knows how fine dining will be living with Corona.

I miss the pre corona days where I could normally take my car and head to Montreal to eat out. After my separation eating out became a more frequent activity. However, the activity was reserved for the weekends when I had my 6 years old daughter Alessia. It is my strong opinion that children should start early their gastronomical education so they develop a palate.

With my daughter and Paola as a dining companion, I had some of the most memorable dining experiences. As these lines are written, fantasies come into my head about memorable skin contact wines and Elena pizza.

My recent culinary experiences are last minute improvisations of my head. But today post is my sister Paola that takes the credit. A neophyte home cook she surprised me with her reinvented version of a Venezuelan arepa. She also has great taste for natural wine and food.


A very interesting spin off she puts flax seed and whole wheat in the corn dough. This gives a nice crunchiness and earthy nuance contrast to the sweetness of the dough. My filling consisted with a boiled egg, some turkey and aurugula. It was a great pairing with the petnat ( Pretty ) from Alex and Maria Koppitsch. Really fun sparkler reminiscent of lots of red fielberries. On the palate, really fun and quite refreshing with slight herbal flavours. It is represented in Quebec, Canada by the good people of Ward & Associates.

Looking foward to go out again with those two lovely girls and experience great restaurants