stranger things letter tiles

Photo by Shamia Casiano on Pexels.com

The current situation that we live in with the Coronavirus is nothing short than a Bunuel movie or the Netflix series: Stranger Things. Most of us are confined in our homes while a mysterious virus slowly infects the world population.

It is April and the situation is even more weird because it is spring. The days are sunny and the weather is starting to warm up. There is a serene calm on the streets, almost eery. It brings to mind the movie I am legend.

We try to carry on with our lives but have the feeling that nothing will ever be the same again…

We are home prisoners and continue to carry on. Some of us exercise, cook, do origami or even drink massive amounts of natural wine. I do all of the above mentioned except the Japanese art.

This is the perfect time to try different wines because we are living extraordinary times. So break a leg, escape the routine and try something new

And also by doing so, you are supporting your local wine trade that is being very strained during these times

Here are three wines from my selection in these strange times.

Alessandro Viola Note di Bianco 2018 ( $40, Six pack case, Agence Sans Nom)

Perhaps one of the most sensational wines tried in 2020. You drink this Grillo by the nose. Aromas of citronella, lemon nougat and blanched almonds. Fresh with a nice savoury acidity. Alessandro Viola owns 7 hectares with varietals that include Grillo, Nero d’Avola, Nerello Mascalese and Catarratto. Located on Monte Bonifitato, overlooking Alcamo, the company philosophy is simple: make wine using only grapes. Pure wine, Viola believes, is not only more ethical but better.


Dobra Vinice Pinot Noir Pet Nat. ( $33.28, Six pack case, Ward et Associes)

The wines of the Czech continue to intrigue my imagination. This sparkler from Vinice can give a run for it’s money for any Champagne from one of the big houses. It has fantastic aromas of red berries with the appropriate dose spice note:vanilla bean and white chocolate

Tre Dame Emilia Rosato Bio Frizzante ( $35.74, Six pack case, Ward et Associes)

Tre Dame” by Ca de Noci is a sparkling wine based on Sgavetta and rare native varieties, obtained with the method of refermentation in the bottle. The “Tre Dame” proves to be an excellent rosé with light funky tines, minerals and small berries, with excellent acidity complemented  by subtle tannins.