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Maybe spending $50 in a bottle wine is not the greatest thing to do in these strange times. This is the type of thing that my mom told me the other day: “you can’t spend money on wine during times of pandemic”. But I never listen to my mom or anyone else, just the little voice inside my head.

The wines of Angiolino Maule were some of the first natural wines that I ever tasted. Angiolino owns the mythical estate of La Biancara in the Veneto. He is a man of many hats: Saxophonist, Pizzaiolo, baker and a prominent winemaker. La Biancara makes some of the greatest natural wines in Italy and perhaps the world. I have been drinking their wines for some years now and they never had dissapointed me.  They are extremely clean and well balanced.

You dont know Garganega until you try one of Angiolino white wines. His wines are even praised by conventional wine media such as Wine Spectator. For an excellent profile of la Biancara, consult this article: Out of the funk, Can “natural wine” be free of faults? Ask Angiolino.


One of the latest wines that I tried from him was Pico Taibane 2017. Pico is produced with Garganega grapes only, carefully selected in the highest hills of Gambellara, its fermentation starts spontaneously. The aging takes place for 12 months in big barrels (15 hectolitres). It is bottled without filtration and sulphites.

Pico is a light maceration wine. The nose is fascinating like all the wines of Maule. It has deep notes of honey laced with herbal undertones with soft aromas of apricot jam. The palate displays a pristine quality. The wine is rich but very well balanced. Lots of yellow fruit but also all those lovely mineral volcanic notes of volcanic Garganega.

I paired this wine with a simple dish of carbonara pasta. It went really well. The wine complemented nicely the richness of the pasta.


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