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We are almost at the end of winter..and here I am talking about rose wines 

It’s not because I am bored or have nothing else to talk about on these pages Instead , rosé is enjoying a soaring  popularity in Canada as a versatile all season wine thanks to its refreshing character, its typically low alcohol content, and its exceptional ability to pair with a range of heartier dishes.

When you’re looking for cold weather rosés, pay attention to their flavor, texture, and color — the latter is the simple place to start, since it is the most visually distinguishing characteristic.

In the case of winter food, you’re going to want to seek out rosés with more skin contact that will result in a darker, almost ruby color. These rosés tend to have more body with a  livelier personality, and a richer mouthfeel that can stand up to heartier dishes.

Look for wines from specific regions to get an idea  as to whether they’ll be appropriate for pairing with heavier winter foods.For winter weather and richer dishes, seek out rosés from warmer climates (For instance, tavel, Italy, some California) or those made from bolder red grape varieties (Syrah, Sangiovese, Bordeaux varieties). The weight and fuller texture will prove more compatible than the lighter, delicate Provencal styles that are nice to have in June and July.

In the winter you can serve your rose at cool room temperature – similar to the correct temperature for things like Pinot Noir. It will release more flavour and tannins from the wine.

 Private Import rose wine reccomendations


Apollo Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOP. 2018 ( Private Import, Bacchus 76, $23.96. Case of 12)

Dark almost like a light red, it has beautiful nuances of maraschino cherry, plum marmalade with a slight earthy-funky note that adds a wonderful complexity. Full body, it is round and a bit fleshy. Fine nuances of menthol and wild herbs. Beautiful rosato for late winter-early spring.


Cantina Indigeno Rosato ( Private Import, Volet Importation, $45. Case of 6)

One of the wildest rose wines that I have ever tasted from Abruzzo. This is just naturally fermented Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes with nothing else added. Just 1 mg of sulphur per litre. Vibrant and hedonistic aromas of primal red fruit with funky earthy notes. On the palate, it is pure joy and pleasure. It drinks by itself

At your nearest SAQ


S de la Sablette Vin de Provence Rose 2018. ( SAQ # 12990902, $16.35)

This one from the Coteaux Varois-en-Provence appellation is stunning displaying aromas of tangerines, honey dew melon with a touch of fragant violets. Round with a beautiful acidity, it has a lovely finale reminiscents of red peaches.