two clear wine glasses

Photo by Vincent Rivaud on Pexels.com

As my family vacation came to and end, I cannot help to reflect about the hardships of not drinking proper wine and the lessons learnt by the absences of my favorite vino!!

Sophisticated wine drinkers like myself could be quite fuzzy so it could be quite challenging to find their favorite bottles in a non friendly wine environment. I would like that you think: Walt Disney and South Central Florida. Add to the equation a wife that does not drink wine and you are set for a partially frustrating holiday.

If you are going away to a non wine friendly wine destination, here is some practical tips that could make your life easier.

  • Research your area. This is the most important point and can’t stress it enough. Find out about potential wine and spirits stores and decide if their portfolio suits your taste. If you are lucky they may deliver to your hotel or airbnb in advance.
  • No expectations. Don’t make yourself ideas that you would drink special bottles in your vacation. You may arrived tired at your resort after a hard day sightseeing. This was my case every evening after visiting a theme park at Walt Disney
  • Bring your own booze. Most countries including the US and Canada would allow you up to two bottles of wine per person. If you are a person with special drinking needs ( natural wine drinkers) this is a pretty good solution
  • Try something new? The more you drink wine, the better would be your wine appreciation. If you really want to drink wine and find yourself on a tough spot, it could be a good opportunity to drink what’s available and that’s it!!
  • Wine Detox. Maybe that vacation to an unfriendly wine area is the perfect timing to quit drinking for a while. Every year, you should take some time off with booze. Trust me, you will feel better in your skin. My recent vacation was my second time this year that I took an abstinence period

When you come back to your real life, you would appreciate better the wine that you have on stock.

Were your vacations hard on your pocket? Did it cost an arm and leg and maybe one eye?. Well, here is an excellent wine reccomendation that won’t make you  pawn any additional body part!!


Bonpas Luberon Grande Réserve des Challières 2017. SAQ # 14056515. $12.30

A beautiful white to sip outside your patio while it is still warm enough. Lovely white peach aromas with a hint of dry jazmin leaves and lots of white peonies character.  A Rhone blend  of Grenache Blanc, Clairette, Ugni blanc and Vermentino  Medium body with a plesant acidity and  flavours reminiscent of fine herbs and mandarines. Long finale reminiscent of pineapple peel. This is way too much wine quality for under $15. Buy with your eyes closed.