Hey you, glad you have stopped by to read my musings or like we say in Venezuelan Spanish: pendejadas!!

Here I am killing some time while they replace my car tires, or between baking and at the dance course of my daughter.It is the only time that I can write in peace. If I am not taking bread that will urgently be overcooked, I am attending to my highly extroverted 5 year old daughter. Oufff…just when I think I will some peaceful moments then I have to tend to some wife issue!!. This is my life: the tragic comedy of a baker with wine writing aspirations.

Why I am writing this post?. I am trying to answer a question posed to myself. What would I buy, if I had a $1million a month.

Wine has never been stranger to conspicuous consumption. This is one of the less looker reasons wine regions created classification systems: to make you feel better when you buy a product of a certain prestige.

The new conspicuous wine consumption is based on substitute products ( wine). Here I am thinking of the business model of Michael Porter. To put it plain, if you can’t afford a very expensive wine go for the second best.

In the past early internet days or bull markets of the 90’s, classified Bordeaux growths and Burgundy Grand Cru were bought with a blink of the eye. These were the times I learnt about wine. I remember fondly buying my first Massetos in those early times where the banking industry was not highly regulated. The trophies needed to demonstrate your wealth

A lot of classical wine drinkers stopped drinking their favorite Bordeaux’s and Barolo’s because simply they did not have the cash anymore to afford it. This happened shortly after the tech and banking crisis of the early 2000’s. There is also the factor of increased demand from emerging markets such as Asia and certain Latin America countries.

So now a lot of these classical wine drinkers drink now certain artisanal wines ( natural) to feel better about themselves. This “feel good” feeling has been fueled by the artsy wine guerrilla. They are drinking now wines between $20-$30. But wait..it won’t work because unless is not endorsed by certain public personalities. And you know what the kicker is…the wines are getting quite expensive. Your new wine importer is like a crack dealer.

It makes me think of the glorified new Gamay drinkers. Don’t tell me about terroir or natural vinification technique. Tell me the truth. Can’t drink anymore authentic Burgundy Grand Cru so now I can only drink a chinese copy of DRC.

So what would I drink with a $1 million a month: Only First Growth Classified Bordeaux