Californians wines still remain a mystery to me even though I have been drinking vino for the last 20 odd years.

It’s rare to find a Petite Sirah in the SAQ shelves, so when I spot one, I quickly jump to taste it.

In a recent visit to my local SAQ, the label of Cris Cross captivated my attention. From far, it looks like ancient fossils but it actually is boot prints !!

The winery is a joint venture between Lange Twins winery and Vina del Sol, an American wine conglomerate.

The fruit from this wine comes from mostly Clarksburg and a bit of Lodi Vineyards.

I came across this nice article in the San Francisco Gate that talks about the Clarksburg wine Industry. It came to me as a surprise that the two of their signature grapes were Chenin Blanc and Petite Sirah. The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta brings fresh ocean breezes and helps foster a cool microclimate.

Lodi is red wine country and its sandy soils combined with warm climate yields generous wines. It is Zinfandel country but host other grapes such as Petite Sirah. So this wine is the best of both worlds: Elegance and Power.

This Petite Sirah 2015 has bittersweet chocolate, dry prunes complemented by blueberry jam with vino cotto spices. Creamy with a good balanced finale. Faithful to the grape style. Highly recommended for $24.25 for your next meat BBQ.