Tomorrow marks the first day of Spring and what better way to celebrate it with a glass of sparkling wine. A good glasss of bubbly is festive but not all sparkling wine is made equal. I adore to drink sparkling while BBQ as an aperitivo or if am sitting in my terrace enjoying a smoke


Not too long ago I share with  a friend a magnum of Domaine Mosse Moussamoussettes.  It happens often among wine buddies that we buy a wine case and split it with other wine lovers.

Domaine Mosse is a leading natural wine  producer from the Loire of delicious wines particularly those made with Chenin Blanc. This producer have a cult following among natural wine lovers in Montreal. Cant wait to try their other wines including the magic of juju

This pet nat rosé is  made by onefrom Gamay and Grolleau Gris.  It is juicy and brisk, flavors of baked peaches, herbs and a touch of watermelon and red oranges.  A bit funky as well in a good way. Refreshing, fruity. Delightful. Incredible drinkability and dangerous too!!!. A great food pairing wine with cheese or baked omelette!!!


If you live in Quebec, you can get it privately via its importer Le Vin Dans Le Voiles. 

The standard bottle (750 m) will set you for $38.52 for a 12 bottle case. It is available at the moment. The magnum will be available as of June and it trades for $75.88 ( 6 bottle case)

Highly reccomend it and a must try to explore a natural alternative style of sparkling wine.