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Sauvignon Blanc wines are not very common in Southern France. Bordeaux and Loire, yes but not in a place like Gabian in Languedoc.

I first heard about Domaine Turner Pageot while taking a sommelier course at the ITHQ. Luckily for me Emmanuel Pageot came to visit us one evening  and explain to us the students his vision of Biodynamics in the Languedoc Terroir. Since then I became hooked to the domaine and biodynamic wines in general.

L’Existence des Choix

In every bottle of Turner Pageot we can find the above small heading which translated in English means, the existence of Choice. You can make cold and soulless wines or wines full of life. In every bottle of Turner Pageot, wherever is Le Blanc, 48h, Le Rouge, La Rupture, Carmina Major, B 815, G 230 or Les Choix, you can taste a piece of authencity which is the trademark of the artist that communicates the lifeforce of the terroir. This is what you will find in Turner Pageot.

La Rupture 2015 ( around $33.69. Six pack case, Private Import-Raisonnance agence. Florian Maziere. florian@raisonnance.net)

The ‘rupture’ referred to in the name is with standard winemaking, as 20% of this full-bodied southern French white has macerated on its skins during fermentation, like red wine.

A Sauvignon Blanc unique ( because it does not taste like Sauvignon at all) with sunny accents. Lovely nose reminiscent of anis with complex floral nuances such as white rose and vanilla as well. With some aeration, citric fruit aromas emerges such as grapefruit peel, lime confit lemons and a lovely delicate note of roasted sesame seeds. Dry and quite saline in the palate, very pleasant.  Round and quite digest like the French would say. A captivating perfumed  finale bringing to mind burning hay and nectarine. Unique with a distinctive personality. Perfectly made. A great wine experience, but must important that it feels alive.

I found this video that describes in more depth the philosophy of the wines of the domain:


By the way, Emmanuel Pageot will be in Montreal this week ( next Wednesday and Thursday at Chez Victoire   presenting his wines as a part of the gastronomical suppers organized for the Montreal Lumiere Festival. There might be some place left but if you wish you to attend please contact the restaurant directly.