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Christmas is the time of giving and sharing, a time of celebration with the loved ones.
In my childhood days, my family would gather on Christmas day to share a special meal: the Christmas lunch.

Panettone is the cake of festivities, a protagonist of the Italian Christmas tradition. It is usually eaten for breakfast but can also be enjoyed as an afternoon snack or dessert.

This sweet yeast dough, soft and spongy brioche alike requires the matching with a wine high enough of residual sugar yet with a good acidity to cleanse the palate, cutting through the rich aftertaste of butter.

The cake has its origins in Milan, sometime in the 15th century with the tradition of eating a slice of panettone on January 4 to bring good health for the new year. It comes in different varieties: filled  with candied fruit, covered in chocolate or almond icing or cream-filled. You can serve panettone in many ways, but for the best taste,  it is better to do it in the traditional way.

If you are looking forward to enjoy your panettone with non italian wine for a change, here are my recommendations:

Domaine du Tariquet Dernières Grives 2016. SAQ # 13034808, $29.00

Lovely nose reminiscent of sultana raisins, honey and tangerine peel.Sweet yet balanced by a refreshing acidity. Long and persistent in the mouth with complex flavours of earl grey tea.

Renardat-Fâche Bugey Cerdon. SAQ # 12477543, $24.85

Floral with nuances of rose petals, lavender and fresh cranberries. Fresh with a fine bubble  and slight sweet  delightful flavors of strawberry and promegranade. Long finale.

Domaine Marcel Deiss Pinot Gris Beblenheim 2015. SAQ # 11544476 , $27.15

Nuances of honey with peach and roasted apples in syrup. On the palate, spicy with a creamy texture and medium acidity. Long in the palate with a dry prune aftertaste.