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I would like to think that some of my best writing ideas come when I am doing non related wine stuff like washing dishes, folding clothes or like today’s activity: throwing old papers.

I still ask myself why I am wasting my time writing this post since I have all this wine work backlog and probably nobody would care. But I do care!!. I find writing to be an activity that eases my anxiety and pushes my creative juices.

We all have days when we don’t feel like cooking or lack inspiration to whip up something yummy. In those occasions, I turn to my fridge and make myself some scrambled eggs. Since I am doing keto, I throw some bacon slices and I have a nice cheap supper. It beats eating out and it is heaven

When you really think about it, for sure a wine and food pairing exists no matter the choice of food. While most wine drinkers steer towards the “elegant” foodstuffs, the simple fact is that, with the right choices, any meal can be made even better with a bottle of wine. And you know that’s life, sometimes things have to be simple.

Bacon and Sparkling wine

It might sound like an odd mix, but when you think about it, it just makes sense. Bacon is the perfect foodstuff for when you have a bit of a salt craving and eggs can be had any time of the day.Champagne, or any other form of sparkling white wine, is the perfect wine to have when you want freshness and require to drink something non complicated.

Medium priced Dolcetto, Montepulciano or fruity Rhone blends

Once you add a meaty element such as bacon next to your eggs you  might feel tempted to drink a red. Fruity but not too much. Imagine the sweet combination of red wild berries with earth and garrique notes with  the dish, you will be pleasantly surprised!!. A Cote du Rhone or a Piedmontese Dolcetto will do the trick. Try as well a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

Wine suggestions for scrambled eggs and bacon:


Klein Constantia Méthode Cap Classique Brut 2013 ( $36.25/private Import, LBV International)

Aromas of pear and fresh thyme with delicate nuances of peach and flaked almond. Medium body with a high acidity yet round and caressing. Crisp lemony finish.


ICARDI Rousori Dolcetto D’Alba 2017 ( $22.74/private import, Case of 12, pot de vin importation)

Fresh with lovely undertones of cherry and strawberry. On the palate, fine and quite elegant with soft-spoken tannins. Lovely crunchy fruit flavours in the finale. Buy and share with your friends


De Fermo Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Concrete 2015 ( $35-$40/private import, case of 6, agence rézin)

Enticing nose of blood sausage, black plums, iron and licorice. Structured yet very approachable with firm tannins. Very spicy finale. New wave Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.