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As we enter in September, slowly it starts to cool down. The sun still warms our days, but at night we feel a gentle temperature chill. As in a vineyard, the tree leaves will turn golden colour giving us a marvelous kaleidoscope of colours. Please give a warm welcome to the fall season.

As a wine lover and foodie, fall is my favorite season. It is the time of grape harvesting in many European wine regions-although advancing at a alarmous rate in recent years. The birth of a new wine.


In Canada, the markets are full of colourful produce. Squashes, apples are some of the items that we commonly see. Lets not forget also mushrooms and new potatoes. A walk through a market is a feast for the senses.

We shift our drinking and eating habits towards the rich and the comforting. It is the season of fuller wines and slow cooked meals.Basically, we are seeking refuge in our plate and glass. Nothing is better that the smell of Pot au Feu or a boeuf bourguignon when you come home after a long day. Now, if you do not have any idea on how to do one, here is a video from and old cooking show, The French Chef, led by the late Julia Child. Julia introduced to the American public, the wonderful food of french cuisine.

Another set of dishes that I enjoy eating in the fall are baked pastas. I love a nice tray of baked rigatoni in a tomato sauce with ground beef and lots of cheese grated in the oven. Again, if you do not what to make, here is a video of  stuffed baked shells by Lidia Bastianich. Like Julia, Lidia brought a lot of attention of Italian cooking to  Americans.

I have put out a modest selection of wines to prep you for the transition of full fall weather. There is choice in most colours: white, rose and red. If you live in Quebec, I highly recommend buying them online via For my other Canadian readers, visit their respective liquor board web pages. For the rest of the world:

I will update the list as we enter more in the fall season. For now, think of this as a survival case for introduction to fall.

Happy drinking and keep tuned.

Last Call for roses:

Château d’Esclans Whispering Angel 2016. ( Provence, France). SAQ # 11416984. $25.85

On the nose, aromas that bring to mind cantaloupe, raspberry with complex floral tonalites. On the mouth, dry and very elegant. Well balanced with flavors that bring to mind lavender and dry rose and violet petals. Very chic wine. Food Idea: fish soup, seafood rice.

Round and curvy whites 

Rocca delle Macìe Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2016 ( Tuscany, Italy). SAQ # 00731570 . $16.10

Pretty nose bringing to mind citrus, verbena and fresh wild herbs. Dry with a crisp finale a and a finale that brings to mind honey-dew melon. Food Idea: Oysters or risotto with zucchini.

Inama Soave Classico 2016 ( Soave, Italy). SAQ #  00908004. $19.15

Very aromatic with exuberant tropical citrus fruit and a subdued floral side. On the mouth, in a riper Soave style yet quite elegant. Food Idea: Spaghetti squash with butter and sage.

Les Domaines Paul Mas Côté Mas Blanc Méditerranée 2016. SAQ #  13289510. $11.45

An honest and straightforward white. Clean aromas of pear, white peaches and mediterranean herbs. On the mouth, very tasteful with juicy fruity flavors. Food Idea: Oven breaded cod fillets with garlic creamy mashed potatoes.

Reds for those hearty dishes:

Château Beau-Site 2012. Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux. SAQ # 10696021 . $39.75

On the nose, mocha, cacao with blackcurrant fruit and red bell peppers. On the palate, a nice polished texture with firm yet austere tannins. Food Idea: Rib steak Bordeaux style with a generous portion of french fries.

Rocca delle Macìe Roccato 2010.( Tuscany, Italy). SAQ # 10254514. $43.75

A very fine noble bouquet. Interplay of cassis, black pepper, smoke and leather with complex earthy nuances. On the mouth, very fine and long with a caressing finale. Food idea: Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms.

Torbreck Cuvée Juveniles Barossa Valley 2015. ( Barossa, Australia). SAQ #  12818230. $30.25

Concentrated nose of blueberry and black currants. On the mouth, lots of power and depth featuring flavors that bring to mind eucalyptus, anis and lavender. Enjoyable but very new world in style. Food Idea: Lamb tajine with prunes.

Château Bujan 2014. ( Cotes de Bourg, Bordeaux). SAQ # 00862086. $21.05

An excellent Bordeaux with an unbeatable price. Aromas of cigar box, black plums, Cassis and wood. On the mouth, earthy with notes of clay, vanilla and cocoa. Crunchy tannins. This can age well. Food idea: Entrecote Bordelaise.


Pacalet-Lapierre Cousins Juliénas 2016 ( Julienas, Beaujolais). SAQ # 13286802. $29.20

Smelling like summer vacations in the countryside. Strawberry, bing cherries  with a generous amount of violets.Generous and long with  silky tannins and a sweet finale. Food Idea: Coq au vin

Domaine Marcel Lapierre Morgon 2016 ( Morgon, Beaujolais). SAQ # 11305344. $32.25

Very fun nose. Violets, blackberry with hints of anis and BBQ spices. Round, generous. with a velvety palate. Profound with fine tannins. Food Idea: Roast beef with cipollini onions.

Champagne to forget about the dark cloudy days.


Laurent-Perrier Brut. SAQ # 00340679. $63.25

On the nose, nuances of yeasty bread, brioche and ground cherries. On the mouth, quite elegant with a refreshing aftertaste. Food Idea: Blanquette veau

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Brut Rosé. SAQ # 00158550. $100.

A small luxury quite affordable. Bright nose bringing to mind watermelon, raspberry and pink grapefruit. Refreshing and delicate with a long caressing finale. Food Idea: slow roasted chicken, creamy risotto with peas and guanciale