Montrachet is my fetish white from Burgundy

At the moment, I am in the process of moving. Not only I have to move my clothes, books and magazines, but I also have to think about finding my wine a new home. I am moving my collection to a wine storage facility. In the process of doing so, I am finding forgotten wines on my cellar. Last week, I found a couple of white burgundies from the 2010 vintage which has picked on my brain why I dont have more white wines on my cellar.

Over the years, I have gathered a respectable wine collection. I have the best that i can afford. My cellar is heavy on the french side ( Rhone, Bordeaux and a bit of Burgundy). I also a fair share of Italian wines ( Mostly Piedmont and Tuscany). 90 % of my cellar is red and 10% is white.

As i gather more experience in wine tasting, I find myself more attracted to white wines. It goes well my food diet too. I have cut down on the red meat and I am eating more fish & seafood, beans and poultry. The cuisine that i favor is Mediterranean, Latin American and recently with a bit of Asian too. Some of the whites that I really love come from Burgundy.

2010 was a classic year for white Burgundy. The season was cool and the reduced harvest helped preserve acidity and flavour. In addition, the winws have structure. The Premier and Grand Crus have a long live ahead.


The whites of Burgundy mesmerize. Compared to reds, my knowledge of whites is quite limited. However, when I get to taste some, I get a big smile on my face. I think to myself, how Chardonnay can be different from one village to a town, or from a different location in a hill.

Other whites tasted recently

Gérald Talmard Mâcon-Uchizy 2015. SAQ # 00882381. $18.20

Mâcon is an region in southern Burgundy that produces red, white and rosé wines. Mâcon-Uchizy is an appellation that only allows Chardonnay.

Honey with nuances of  Camomille and Barlett Pear with a hint of minerality as well. On the mouth, full body, round and chunky. Very fresh and elegant. Great to have it with a chicken panini sandwich.


Domaine Louis-Moreau Chablis 1er Cru Vaulignot. SAQ # 00480285. $30.35

The vineyards of Chablis Premier Cru cover 750 hectares across 15 communes on isolated slopes with good exposure. The terroir there creates freshness and minerality, generous palate weight with lovely roundness in the world class wines produced there. As of 2009 there were 40 Premier cru vineyards, although some 89 climats are to be found there.

Situated in a side valley away from the main Serein river, this cool vineyard produces crisp, cool, stylish wines. Louis Moreau is a reference name for the wines of Chablis.

Lots of ripe pear aromas, almond milk with an elusive wet stone minerality. On the mouth, full body, round with and well balance between fruit and tension. Very citric finale.  Very long. Have it with a lobster mac cheese.


Domaine Bruno Colin Chassagne-Montrachet 2010 ( From my cellar)

Flatering nose bringing to mind brigt and acute barlett pear with peaches in conserve. With time in the glass, other notes develop such as smoked pineapple with notes of cloves, anis and white pepper. On the mouth, round yet with lots of tension. Bright flavors bringing to mind halzenut crisp with almond butter. Important acidity with a “wet stone and crumbled earth” flavor nuance on the mid palate. Very long aftertaste bringing to mind lemon pie filling with coconut and lime. This wine could continue aging for a few more years.


Domaine A. & P. de Villaine Les Clous 2010. ( From my cellar)

Mr Villaine does not need an introduction. He is one of the coowners of la DRC, that makes some epics and grand wines of Burgundy. He makes very affordable wines in la Côte Chalonnaise. They age quite nicely. Also to try is its Bouzeron, a well made Aligote.

Honey with a sensation of bortritys. In addition, verbena leaf with apricot jam. White flower character that brings to mind peonies. As the wine warms up nuances of anis and smokehouse appear with that sublime smell of crushed wet rocks. More minerality appears bringing to mind lime and chalk. Structured with steely acidity. Flavors of pear, cloves and italians parsley. A finale that brings to mind a mix of hummus and cantaloupe as well. Fresh despite 7 years old. Salmon with dill sauce is my choice for pairing.

The problem of premature oxidation in the whites seem to be in control now. For the scoop, please red the article on Fine Wine. I do hope I continue to try some more Burgundy wines.