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Sunday night supper was a hit at my house. I made the tomato ground meat sauce that I learned from my Nonno. Every time, I make this sauce, my wife gets all doped with the smell.

Not only my wife, loves this sauce but also my daughter Alessia. My wife, said that when she was pregnant, she eat a lot of this sauce with Pasta. That explains the infatuation of Alessia. Go Figures.

I cooked some Macaroni pasta that i had on my cover. Before trowing the sauce. I add freshly grated parseman cheese, a bit of olive oil and the sauce. A process called Mantecare. This way the sauce adheres to the sauce and the pasta gets a velvety texture.

Pair my macaroni pasta with the Perrini Primitivo. Perrini is family winery making organic wines in Puglia. Their vines are 30-35 years of age and are situated over a number of zones in the hills and shoreline
around Castellaneta, near Taranto. Besides Primitivo, they also grow Negroamaro and some Fiano.

This Primitivo was so different from the ones that i had before. Very striking nose bringing to mind lots of black fruit character. What makes it special is the earthy, flowery spicy component. It conjures in my mind the kitchen of my aunt in Italy. On the mouth, the wine is rich and savoury with a nice elegance to it. It is like a contadino dressed in Armani. It was the perfect match for my macaroni.

When i tasted this wine, I felt right away in love, that i had to buy a case. It is a private import from Oenopole. I also bought the Negroamaro which also was fascinating and does not have anything in common with the oak jam bombs of the south of Italy.