Luce 20 millésimes - 6 mai 2015 - Monument National

Luce della Vite is a visionary winery that was created  in 1995 by the Frescobaldi & Mondavi families, with the idea of producing the premier  and best ‘Super-Tuscan’ wine from the Montalcino sub-region of Tuscany, renowned for their world-famous Brunello de Montalcino wines, a classic Italian wine crafted from 100% Sangiovese. The estate was the 1st one to introduce ‘international’ grapes in the region, with a predominant of Merlot, planted on the lower part of the Montalcino hill. Now fully owned by the Frescobaldi Family but runned as an independent winery, their mission is to produces wines with the best quality possible taking into consideration the expression of the local terroirs, with a very cautious use of  oak barrels to offer the purest wines possible.

Back early  in may this year, Mister Frescobaldi was in Montreal to showcase. This was a rare occasion to a retrospective to taste all the vintages since the beginning. All the wines were tasted in magnum format. This invitation was possible by Jacques Belec from Mark Anthony Brands, their Canadian importer. My tasting notes below:


Evolved nose. Tobacco, figs with mountain leaves. Black fruit in compote. Dark chocolate. Gunpowder tea notes On the mouth, full body and very harmonious. Cassis, sultana raisins and pecan pie flavors. Very balanced and elegant. Mature tannins. A bit of a dry finale. Ready to drink now. 90\100


On the nose red currants, lots of forest leaves with black truffles undertones. Full body. Racy and elegant. Fresh in the midpalate. Well structured with still vigorous tannins. Almost at its peak.  Very long finish. Drink now or keep for another 5 years. 92\100


Beautiful nose. Floral with earthy nuances bringing to mind truffles and Porcini mushrooms. On the mouth, round with a great harmony and finesse. Flavors bringing to mind chinese spices with confit red fruits. Fine tannins. Drink now or keep for the next 10 years. 96\100


Attractive earthy nose. Herbs and flowers. In addition, tobacco with mineral undertones. On the mouth, very elegant showing vibrant red fruit notes. In addition, leather and pipe tobacco with antique shop aromas. Tannins are still dense. Showing Sangiovese character. Will continue to evolve for the next 10-15 years. 95\100


Fully mature nose. Red fruit character with very earthy nuances. Also lots of animal nuances. Full body. Ripe fruit with mature tannins. On its decline. Drink now. 89\100


Very balsamic nose. Leather and dark fruit as well. Tobacco as well. Structured with grainy tannins. Will continue to evolved for 15-20 years. 93\100


Very floral nose. Roses and Marguerite come to mind. Spices as well. In addition, showing also great minerality. On the mouth, rich and dense. Great acidity, long with a classy Tuscan structure. Gorgeous cassis and leather retronasal. Amazing balance with fine tannins definition. Will leave for the next 3 decades.  My favorite from the tasting. 97\100


Very complex nose. Lots of mushroom and spice character. On the mouth, round and fresh with meaty tannins. Generous finish.  Drink between 5-10 years. 92\100


Fragant nose. Confit black fruit with spices and leafy tobacco. On the mouth, rich and long. Fleshy tannins, good acidity and generous finish. Still young. Keep for the next 15 years as it wil continue to evolve. 92\100


Jammy dark fruit with indian spices. Some mushrooms nuances. Full body. Linear and even angular. Oak has yet to be integrated. Well made and a impressive effort due to the bad quality of the vintage. Drink it now or for the next 5 years. 90\100


Warm nose. Generous dark fruit. Jammy with spices. Some herbal nuances such as eucalyptus. Rich and opulent. Medium acidity. A bit monolithic. Will be ready to drink in the next 5 years. 90\100


Jammy fruit, toasty oak. coffee with lots of balsamic notes. Full body. Powerful with an austere structure. Powerful tannins with wild black fruit flavors. An adolescent. Keep it for the next 20 years.


Lots of red fruit confit character. Exotic spices such as cumin, Curcuma, paprika and cocoa with dry fruits. On the mouth, dense but suave with a magnificent structure. Polished with powerful tannins. Fleshy fruit with oak well-integrated. Chewy fruit finale. 96\100. Drink it for the next 10-15 years


Roasted black and red fruit in a balsamic sauce. Pine and eucalyptus. Full body. Very young. Big tannins with lots of extraction. Very young and promising. Forget in your cellar for the next two decades. 94/100


Lots of racy black fruit character. Peppery. Full body. Very elegant with a nice freshness to it. Coffee with a nice minerality to it. 93\100 Will reach its peak in the next decade.


On the nose, red plums, mint and lots of toasty oak. Full body and rich with a polished structure. Very fresh despite the richness to it. Very long. Will last between 15-20 years. 94\100


Rich and very warm nose. Maraschino cherry, coconut flakes, dark chocolate with raspberry jam. Full body. Powerful structure with muscular tannins. Long life ahead. 25-30 years.


Lots of jammy dark fruit character. Dry spices . Full body. Powerful with massive tannins. Woody with a very gutsy finale. Will last 2-3 decades in the cellar. 98\100


Very racy nose. Ripe dark fruit, violets and animal nuances. Full body, extracted but very pleasant to drink. Beautiful equilibrium and  balance. An infant. Drink after 2035. 97\100


Very closed nose. Cracked black pepper with jammy black fruit. Powerful with lots of floral aromatics. Very dense tannins. A baby in diapers. Keep for a long time. 95\100.