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For my past Easter weekend, I had three memorable wines. Three countries and three amazing winemakers. From Austria, Meinkland Pinot Noir 2012. From Sicily, Cornelissen Contadino 2012. Finally but not least important, Puffeney Poulsard 2011. My tasting notes as follows:

Meinkland Pinot Noir 2012. Meinklang is a family estate dedicated to using biodynamic principles to produce high quality wines as well as farm produce, crops and raising cattle with the aim of being as self sufficient as possible. There is a real vibrancy, personality, character about their wines. In Quebec, Meinkland is represented by La QV

On the nose, very complex aromas of black plums, raspberry. In addition, intriguing nuances of sun dried tomatoes, thyme with nuances of brown earth and dry leaves. In the mouth, medium to full body. Juicy black fruit with complex cola and mineral flavors. Medium acidity with light to medium tannins. Beautiful. 94\100

Cornelissen Contadino 2012. Cornelissen is referred by some fellow italian winemakers in Sicily as il pazzo di Etna. This just means the crazy man of Mount Etna. So much has been written about him , that i do not want to overdoit. My intention is just to say a few words about him.Cornelissen beliefs so much in what he’s doing, that it could be intimidating.  He strives wines that taste like rocks.  He is completely authentic in his passion.  Cornelissen is, not of his fault, the most talked about natural wine maker in the world.  If you want to read more about his wines, visit his website. Cornelissen is represented by Glou in the Quebec province

On the nose vibrant aromas of black fruit such as raspberries. In addition, aromas of mountain scrub, roasted herbs and cured olives. In the mouth, full body with an intense and complex stony minerality. Chewy with a solid tannic structrure, this a very serious wine. 95\100.

Puffeney Poulsard 2011. Jacques Puffeney, known locally as “the pope of Arbois,” has made Jura wine for more than 50 vintages. Puffeney is acknowledged as the most prestigious, engaging and easily recognizable winemaker, due to his rotund physique and ample white beard, in the Jura region.  Located in Eastern France, between Burgundy and the Swiss border, Jura is truly unique. Celebrated for its “vin jaune,” or yellow wine, an oxidative dry white wine often compared to sherry, and “vin de paille,” a sweet wine made from dried grapes, the Jura region is rapidly gaining reputation for the quality and character of all its wines. Puffeney is represented by Vini-Vins in Quebec.

Pale red color. Dense, red fruit nose with a earthiness and animal nuances. Good acidity with flavours bringing to mind tart red raspberry. Complex earthy flavours that bring to mind smoked cured meats. Elegance and complex. 97/100