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white wine

When I first got into wine, I used to drink seasonally — white wines in the summertime, reds in fall and winter. Over time, I noticed that I was drinking more whites than reds. Wine is not like changing shirts., after all: no white ones after Labor Day. But, among wine enthusiasts, there has long been a stigma attached to whites. They aren’t always taken as seriously as red wines, like whites are the party girl blondes to reds’ nerds brunettes.Lucky for all of us, this in changing.

As wine enthusiasts give  old drinking rules (white with fish, red with meat; white for ladies, red for men), attitudes about when — and for whom — whites are appropriate are going out thewindow with them. And thank goodness for that. Because white wine can certainly be manly. It can also be just right on a cold winter’s night.

The white wines you may know best may be crisp, zingy summertime sippers. But whites with velvety, full-bodied textures and rounder, richer flavors — and often with a deeper, warmer color in the glass — can be perfect for cold-weather meals. Expand your wine repertoire this season with one of these five whites to pair with your next hearty winter meal or aperitif.


Soave Colli Scaligeri Classico 2013, Castelcerino, Cantina Filippi ( $20.20, SAQ Code: 12129119). Represented in Quebec by Oenopole

This is 100% Gargànega from the Soave wine region in Veneto with a low 12,5% The wine stay on the fine lees for six months, no clarification and no malolactic fermentation. Just stainless steel before bottling. Hand harvested and biological.

On the nose, nuances of citric fruits, verbena leaves, green apples and ripe peaches. In the mouth, medium body with a nice herbal retronasal. Good length. Very subdued and discreet. 90\100. Try it with a Roast pork roast with Polenta.


Soave Classico 2013. Inama ( $20.65, SAQ Code: 00908004). Represented in Quebec by Le Marchand du Vin

A long time producer with about 40 years experience in the region. This cuvee is made with 100% Garganega grapes of more than 30 years old. The terroir is of volcanic character. No oak at all, just stainless steel.

In the nose, various vegetable aromas with tropical fruits. In the mouth, medium body with a nice acidity and roundness to it. Retronasal remind me of white pears, anis and a bit of toasted bread. Long aftertaste 92\100. Food ideas: Risotto with shrimps and pears.


VINO LAURIA – SOLERTE TERRE SICILIANE BIANCO IGP 2013 100% -Private Importation- Agence Boires– Around $ 25-30 per bottle

A family winery in Sicily specializing in the production of natural and biological wines from indigenous varieties. Vito Lauria decided to attend the University of Udine in Friuli where he obtained a degree in Enology in 2003. After stepping off the campus he worked at a number wineries in northern Italy for a few years before returning to Sicily in 2005. Vito returned to  the old family winery in Alcamo, 30 miles west of Palermo.This wine is a exciting blend of Zibibbo and Catarratto that does not see any oak, just stainless steel like the above wines.

Wonderful aromas of honey, oranges with dry apricots and confit fruits. Exactly like a pantelleria sweet. In the mouth, bone dry, medium body. Harmonious and round with a wonderful streak of mineraility. Retronasal reminds of flowers ( white tea, jazmin) and peach Long and persistent finish. 92\100. Excellent with vegetable based indian curry dishes. 95\100

bele casel

BELE CASEL – COLFONDÓ ASOLO PROSECCO SUPERIORE DOCG. Private Importation-Agence Boires. Around $ 25-30 per bottle

Prosecco is the sparkling wine of Venice. This wine is made with a  vinifera variety of the same name, its history is deeply connected to the agriculture of the southern Dolomites.

As in other cool wine growing regions, its discovery was accidental. After a particularly cool autumn, the must (intended for a still wine) would stop fermenting, only to recommence in the spring capturing some carbon dioxide and retaining some sugar.

This cuvée of Danilo Ferraro’s Bele Casel is from fruit grown very near the winery at Cerano di San Marco. These hillsides in Montello produce grapes with slightly more intense acid than those in Valdobbiadene. This Prosecco has citrus and flower aromas  ( white flowers )and a persistent almond flavor finish. A delicate and refreshing starter for any meal. Try it with smoked salmon and cream cheese on a multigrain cracker.


Francuska Vinarija Poema 2010 Serbia. Private Importation-Vini-Vins.

A french couple that moved to Serbia in 2003, drawn by the particular limestone soils. They have been making stunning and very emotional wines since then. A blend of Ablend of Riesling, Muscat, Tamjanika and Grasevina grapes

Beautiful nose reminding me of chalky minerality with ripe apricots with fine tuned white flowers and oxydative notes. In the mouth, medium body with delicate fruit notes. Well bsalanced with a very digest acidity. Long and harmonious finish. 93\100. Steamed clams will be a natural partner.